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Silent Disco Headphones

Celebrate until the sun rises and create a fantastic atmosphere. Silent Disco headphones makes it possible to celebrate parties even further into the early hours without disturbing, poisoning relations with potential neighbors

Silent Disco Headphones

Get the best of two worlds in the Silent Disco. A party for those who want to dance and listen to loud music and those who want to chat, relax and enjoy the show. No-sweat system setup, If you can set up a DVD player, you can set up a silent disco system.

Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco RF Headphones are premium quality models that has superior sound quality, portability, and convenience.  Silent disco systems are user-friendly and can be operated by anyone with a basic knowledge of audio and event productio

Silent Disco Headphones

Get your very own silent discotheque and bring your event to the next level with Silent Disco headphones designed to create awesome events. Our wireless headphones enable you to create events anywhere, anytime.

Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco A party in silence! How will I know if people want to talk to me or how will i speak with others if everyone has headphones? Funny question! Maybe by taking off the headphones ... That would be a good start

Silent Disco Headphones

Top of the line wireless silent disco headphones and transmitters. We specialized in silent disco Headphone models designed for silent parties, silent cinema, silent theater, silent yoga, silent fitness, conferences, translations..


team memberSilent Disco

Silent Disco has become a common name for a disco where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a FM-transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing. Often two DJs compete for listeners. Silent discos are popular at music festivals as they allow dancing to continue past noise curfews. Similar events are “mobile clubbing” gatherings, where a group of people dance to the music on their personal music players.

    • Purity: Unlike at standard clubs/concerts, there is no auditory interference between the artist and the listener. No crowdnoise, no barnoise, no dating hustle. It goes directly from the DJ’s brain to the listeners. This leads to…
    • Creativity: Because the audience is TRULY LISTENING, an artist has more creative freedom. Whereas most club music is “physical” in nature, dependent to some degree on the “feeling” of subwoofers, a Silent Disco requires and rewards DJs singularly for the MUSIC, and less so for the BEATS. So it favors a more creative set. This also can lead to…
    • Call and Response/Karaoke: With no-one to hear what you are “singing” the audience has a greater tendency to sing, chant, rap, shout. The club becomes your personal shower and you don’t care who knows if you know the words, because you can lipsynch the stuff you aren’t sure of. To a bystander, just watching, this is pure comedy. But there’s also a communal magic here that should not be overlooked. WATCHING a concert is one type of experience, PARTICPATING in a Silent Disco, where you dance, sing, laugh and bust moves is a MAGICAL enterprise. 

    Party till the sun rises and create an amazing atmosphere. Silent Disco Headphones enables the show to run with little or no disturbance to neighbors.

    Silent Disco transforms your venue into something your guests will never forget!

    Silent Disco Germany specialise in hosting the silent disco, event and party. Enjoy the unique experience of a headphone disco in your venue.

    Noise Restrictions – Many silent discos are held at venues where out-loud music is restricted. Since the music is all in the headphones, silent discos can take advantage of increased venue opportunities and later parties.

    Dancing to “no music” looks funny and weird but when you put the silent disco phones on, the whole world changes. You became the funny 1 and a weirdo 2

    Enjoy the odd espectacle the silent disco offers. Just watching is entertainment in itself!

    Testimony – ‘Silent disco is Brilliant ! Highly recommended for any event – we really enjoyed it’.

    Experience the decidedly weird sensation of being with a whole host of people dancing wildly, apparently to nothing at all – unless, that is, you’re wearing Silent disco headphones.

    Get the best out of 2 worlds in the Silent Disco. A party for those who want to dance and listen to loud music while others can chat, relax and enjoy the show.

    When you wanna chill or have a chat with a friend, it is simple, don’t forget to take your headphones off.

    In a silent disco, to have a chat there’s no need to lose your voice screaming over the booming music.

    At a Silent disco, music lovers can sing, dance and chat with friends while listening to a choice of music through a set of silent disco headphones. It’s easy to adjust the volume to a confortable level and take breaks from the music.

    Someone dancing to electro and other to swing, its very alien and you risk having a smile on your face 

    Silent Disco an alternative & innovative way of partying.

    The greatest beauty of a silent disco is that you can have different genres of music playing on different stations at the same time

    Have a normal conversation and watch your friends dance like crazy and sing along to the straight up party jams! Party with your headphones on in the front row or hang out outside in the back, they will work perfectly anywhere in the venue! Dont like the DJ? Never mind, just switch to the other one!

    Silent Conference, Yoga, Fitness, Silent Cinema, Tour Guide... Portable Wireless Transmitter System


    Visits for factory, hospital, school, museum, art gallery, tourism places etc, especially multiple groups guiding at the same time

    Church sermon, concerts, multimedia teaching/Training, wireless fitness/Sports, yoga, multiple-language simultaneous interpretation. 

    Wireless headphones offers a solution for screening films, movies in literally any location.

    In short, this system has an untold number of applications.

    Preset with 2,3 or 4 easily adjustable channels. It allows up to 4 transmitters to broadcast, each on a unique frequency, to an unlimited number of headphones; the listeners can then tune into the program they wish to listen to. This could be different bands performing simultaneously in the same hall, a House of Worship broadcasting their sermon in different languages or a backyard concert in a crowded neighborhood. In short, this system has an untold number of applications.

    Silent conference system, used for corporate events or conference centers where separate breakout group meetings can be held within the same room without disturbing each other.
    The transmitter features a microphone socket and an aux-in socket to enable the connection of a venues sound system. 
    Silent Fitness and Silent Yoga headphones system, the presenter, teacher can speak at a comfortable level without having to raise their voice. 
    The Fitness, yoga, conference audience wear the lightweight headphones and simply adjust their own volume to a comfortable level.
    The transmitter is supplied complete with belt clips for hands-free operation. Perfect for fitness, yoga instructor

    Silent Disco: A Party in silence

    Disco isn’t dead. It just went quiet… walk into a Silent Disco event and see for yourself: a couple hundred people, two DJs spinning, and a dance floor filled with gyrating dancers – in total silence.

    Wheather you holding a festival, house party or a special event, the silent disco is becoming very popular. A silent disco has much in common with a regular party, with one noticeable difference… there’s no music!

    Since the Walkman hit the streets we have all seen individual private dance parties at bus stops or in the grocery store, but the silent disco is taking that experience to another level.

    Record spinning, Pop-locking, head bobbing and hip shaking are everything you expect to see at a dance party, but the biggest thing you hear appears to be missing, but it isn’t really missing at all.

    So it’s not exactly “silent,” but if you want to know what people are dancing to you have to either rely on some relayed performances or rent the wireless headphones that will allow you to switch between the DJ sources and control the volume.

    The Silent Disco ends up being like three parties in one. You can listen to different kinds of music or just take the headphones off and talk. It’s totally different because it’s not as loud. You can actually speak to someone. Take your headphones off and communicate with another person.

    Silent Disco: A simple concept with a spectacular affect.

    Take a room full of clubbers, arm them all with a set of wireless headphones, have three separate DJ’s broadcast to them live via three FM channels and watch the utterly surreal spectacle that unfolds.

    A mass of humanity, throwing moves, pulling shapes and singing along to what appears to everyone else to be… complete silence. Welcome to the hugely popular phenomenon that is, ‘Silent Discotheque’.

    Bored with one song? Then simply switch channels on your wireless headphones and you can listen to something else. The Dj’s play simultaneously, offering a hilarious fusion of uncoordinated dancing and even less cohesive singing.

    Occasionally you might want to stop listen to the music, take your head phones off and listen to what everyone else is singing. It really is a unique experience.

    Popularity of the Silent Disco has been soaring. If you get the chance, stop by the Silent Disco and take a look, I promise you will not resist to get a pair of headphones and start dancing like crazy.


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